What the Heck is an Eludris

Eludris is a FOSS federated, End-To-End-Encrypted Discord x Reddit mesh-like social media platform where the priority is for it to be truly yours.

To that extent Eludris aims to be as easily accessible by everyone, even if they do not understand or care about the unique privacy-related features Eludris offers.

In terms of client Eludris is currently officially providing Pilfer (a lightweight TUI) and Pengin (a web-based cross-platform client).

However the intent has always been and still remains to be for people to make their own clients, toolings, bots, API wrappers and so on.

As such Eludris has tried to convey said support via multiple things, namely the Eludris Community organisation where people can add their own creations and the Eludris Awesome repository, in addition to these docs.

For more info you can check out our Official GitHub organisation or our website.

And while you’re at it, consider joining our Discord Server since that is currently mainly where we hang out, joke around and work on Eludris and Eludris related stuff.


Reading the Docs

The documentation is straightforward, however here are some additional clarifications on some of the points where you can get confused.


Omittability and Nullability

While reading the docs you might notice the use of the question marks next to field names or types, here’s an example of that.


Now, you may be wondering what these question marks are doing there. It depends on where the question mark is, if the question mark is next to the field name — like in Foo? — that field is omittable, meaning that it is not guaranteed to exist. Otherwise in a case where it exists it is guaranteed to be an Integer.

On the other hand if the question mark is next to the type — like in String? — it means that, while the field will always be present, its value can be null.