Version 0.3 Changes


API Changes


Oprish API Changes

  • Due to rate limits being a per instance configuration thing, a new /rate_limits route has been added besides the already pre-existing response headers.
  • Rate limit headers now also exist when you encounter a 429 response.
  • The Get Instance Info route now has a rate-limit.

Pandemonium API Changes

  • Changed the websocket CLOSE frame messages.
  • The websocket connection now expects you to send a PING every 45 seconds as opposed to 20 seconds.
  • Switch to OPCode payloads instead of PING and PONG frames, also switched to using a MESSAGE_CREATE OPCode for new messages, refer to the Pandemonium docs for more information.

Effis API Changes

Re-wrote the entirety of effis :D

Find out more in Effis’ documentation



A new Eludris.toml file has been added which allows you to customise your instance, from per route rate limit settings to the maximum message content length, all from the convenience of one TOML file, check out the docs page about configuring your instance and the Eludris.toml example in the github repository


Oprish Hosting Changes

  • The REDIS_URL environment variable has been introduced as a direct way to supply the url of your Redis/KeyDB instance as opposed to ROCKET_DATABASES.
Update PR eludris#10