Version 0.3.3 Changes


API Changes

  • Changed the ID spec to a 64-bit one.


  • Removed the /rate_limits route and instead added a rate_limits query parameter to the Get Instance Info route which includes the instance’s rate limit info in the Instance Info payload.
  • Slightly changed the structure of Error Responses, now the data is flattened.
  • Removed the FILE_SIZE_RATE_LIMITED HTTP error in favour of the RATE_LIMITED one.


  • “Fixed” a bug where Pandemonium would hit a hard limit on the amount of clients.
  • Added new HELLO and RATE_LIMIT Server Payloads.
  • Changed how gateway rate limiting works. Now you get warned with a RATE_LIMIT payload before getting disconnected.
  • Made pandemonium a bit more resource-friendly when handling KeyDB connections.


  • Fixed a bug with files with names longer than 64 characters would cause Effis to panic.

Hosting Changes



  • Added a --next flag to the deploy command.
  • Added an update command which pulls the newest docker-compose and updates the microservice images.
  • Include pre-built .deb and .rpm files for the CLI.
  • Made it possible to configure the directory of your Eludris instance.
  • Made the CLI support Windows builds.


  • Used debian repositories to install instead of copying it from the repository root.
  • Added a file to make it easier to host development and bleeding edge instances.

Development Changes

  • Overhauled entire documentation infrastructure by introducing a custom #[autodoc] macro and a custom docs page (this one (wow)).
  • Redid how HTTP errors are handled server-wise.
  • Split the Payload enum into Client Payload and Server Payload.
  • The Instance Info struct now has a from_conf method to allow for cleaner code.
  • Settled for one variant of Instance Info (without references).
  • Isolate todel model logic into it’s own module in todel/src/models/logic.
  • Improved unit testing, added unit tests for more stuff and implemented integration testing.
  • Improve Docker CI caching.
  • Cleaned up a lot of code.
Update PR eludris#71