Version 0.3.1 Changes

This version mainly tries to address some developer-side frustrations with Eludris, namely issues with having to make a branches in at least 2 repositories, make 2 pull requests, merge the pull requests, update lockfiles, making a meta-repository branch update the meta-repository’s submodules, making a pull request then merging that for every single change, also issues with syncing up versions.

Additionally Docker deployments have been greatly enhanced thanks to buildx powered caching and much more (thanks @ooliver1).


API Changes



The Instance Info payload now has an extra version field to make it easier to make clients and API wrappers that will not break.


Hosting Changes

Everything has been merged into one meta-repository using a cargo workspace

Dockerfiles have also been greatly improved to use caching and other optimisations, kudos to @ooliver1 (and docker buildx) which helped make this possible!

Update PR eludris#21